Description: SOLD!! 1978 FORD F-250 CUSTOM CAMPER SPECIAL 400ci. 2WD, Only 106K Miles. Maintained to the highest standard by its one fastidious owner who kept a journal of all repairs and services, however minor. Please check the last 5 pictures, it is an interesting read. The body and paintwork are original, with the exception of the hood and cowl, both repainted by Ford as part of a recall campaign. Some rust, not terminal, but it is there. Nice patina overall, no signs of neglect. The interior is very nice, a few minor dash cracks (please, see pictures) and some cracking on the front bench upholstery. The aluminum canopy is period correct. It comes with quite a few spares – 2 driver’s side exhaust manifolds, a carburetor, relays, etc. Drives very well. Congratulations Josh!