1983 BMW 733i 

Description: SOLD!! 1983 BMW 733i. Well preserved driver grade classic that drives so well. Far from perfect, but priced accordingly. Over 3K in parts and many hours of labor were spent to make it this nice. Too much to list but here are a few items: Work completed: -all 4 calipers rebuilt -all 6 rubber brake hoses replaced -new master cylinder -new brake accumulator (brake bomb) -brake system flushed -new main relay -new spark plug leads bought (only the coil lead installed, the others seemed fine) -all new fuel lines -new high pressure in tank pump, replacing the original low pressure and high pressure pumps -new BMW fuel level sender -new fuel filter -replaced c-pillar cover grommets -resealed both rear taillights -has basically brand new tires on the new basket weave rims (they still have the little rubber nubs on them) -found and corrected a large number of electrical faults (headlights repaired, starter interrupt bypassed, new crank sensors wired in correctly) -replaced door latch striker plastic covers The car will come with a trunk full of parts, likely worth more than the car itself. Here is a partial list: -new transmission filter kit -new oil filter -OEM BMW sunroof seals -OEM BMW trunk seal -center support bearing -drive shaft flex disk -new cluster batteries -new spark plug leads. And much, much more... The paint, with the exception of one quarter panel is original, so is the interior. As you can see from the pictures, there is some 35 year patina and lots of character. The car drives really well, it can be driven anywhere. The AC blows cold, starts at the first crank, handles great. Congratulations C!